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LittleSteps offers you a wide range of costumising possibilities. With them you can create inspiring stories that are connected to your brand.

LittleSteps can offer a simple customisation with logo on existing products and alignment with your brand's colour schemes. The LittleSteps design tema can also work closely with you and develop a completely authentic story for your brand.

Default options:
- costumised colour scheme
- logo placement
- logo applied to the back side of wooden tiles for memory or dominoes
- logo added to the front side of coaster
- logo applied to the reverse side of a bookmark and/or envelope
- logo applied to notebook covers

Full customisation

Certain brands and stories demand a specific approach. They need a promotional product with a high emotional value and storytelling potential. For them, LittleSteps offers the possibility of total customisation - a very tailor-made process that is perfectly aligned with the values and identity of the brand.
This custom made VIP gift tells Acroni’s story of turning a very dirty steel production plant into an environmentally friendly one. Pictogram problem&solution pairs, engraved on the steel dominoes, depicted seven different environmental challenges, that were successfully overcome during their process of becoming an ISO 14001 certified manufacturer.